Looking for clarity, support, and accountability to do the work you know you were meant to do?

Make It Happen is an online program designed by Jenna Herbut to help purpose driven entrepreneurs step up to their fullest potential.

About The Program

For many of us, entrepreneurship can be very challenging because we’re expected to be skilled at so many different things. We’re told that we need to hire people to help us in the areas that we’re not strong in, but this can be hard when your cash flow is limited. It’s the classic catch 22 of building a business. It’s also very easy to get completely overwhelmed, and stick your head in the sand. Especially now when there’s just so much noise and endless distractions. Keeping focused is harder than ever.

We hit our own internal glass ceiling if we’re not conscious about something Gay Hendricks describes as an “Upper Limit Problem” in his book The Big Leap. When we reach our internally set highest potential, we’ll self-sabotage - often subconsciously to a level that feels more comfortable. This cycle has the potential to repeat itself over and over again if we’re not aware of what is happening.
Entrepreneurship is an inside out job - meaning you’ll only be able to grow and maintain a level of success to the extent that you grow yourself. It’s not talked about enough, but entrepreneurship is a deep spiritual journey of self exploration and evolution. This is why you hear so many successful people talking about meditation, journeying with plant medicine, and profound experiences at Burning Man!
These ideas are what inspired Jenna to first write Make It Happen, and now evolve it into a program. Her passion is teaching other entrepreneurs the ideas, concepts and mental tweaks that have worked for her and others to face fear and resistance and make amazing things happen. Jenna has witnessed the power of what happens when you bring like-minded people together to share experiences from an authentic, heart centered place. We need each other more than ever before, because growth only happens when we can see our strengths reflected back from one another.

Meet Jenna

Jenna Herbut founded Make It in 2008, which features Canadian artists and makers at biannual craft fairs in Vancouver and Edmonton. From running these highly successful shows and growing Make It over the past 13 years, Jenna has worked with hundreds of creatives. She has the ability to see what is blocking them and getting in their way, especially deep seeded beliefs around worthiness and abundance. Jenna is now a new mom, and understands the importance of balance and boundaries more than ever before!

Course Curriculum

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