Are you overwhelmed with ALL the things you need to do to succeed online?

We get it, you're busy and don't have the bandwidth to put another thing on your to-do list. Launch It Online will teach you a proven system so you can do more in less time.

Our new reality is online.

Your customers want to buy from you, so make it as easy as possible for them to find you this holiday season.

Launch It is an 8-week online program that’s designed for entrepreneurs who want to take the reins this holiday season instead of living in a cloud of uncertainty.

Our intention is to teach you how to plan, build and launch a marketing campaign right in time for the lucrative holiday season.

This Course Starts October 11th, 2021

Don't let another holiday season pass you by before you

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Here's what to expect over the 8 weeks of this program:

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  • Week 1: Permission & Introduction

    In order to make anything happen, you first have to give yourself the space and time to take action. Permission is one of the most important (and often overlooked) steps you can take. You’ll also have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your biz to the group. We’re going to be getting cozy and intimate over the next few months.

  • Week 2: Clarity & Making a Plan

    The clearer you can get, the more powerful you can be. Less is often more too. We’re going to help you focus on your offering and clarify it with a highly effective plan of action. We’ll be sharing proven strategies and techniques that have made all the difference in our own experiences. Expect some real magic to unfold during this week.

  • Week 3: Graphics & Photography

    When you look good, you feel good! Same thing with your business. Create graphics and images that will be enticing to your customers. You’ll learn how to use simple techniques and software that will help to streamline this process. You don’t need an experience and it’s easier than you think.

  • Week 4: Sales Copy Writing & Email Sequencing

    Even if you aren’t a natural born writer, you can still create copy that sells. You’ll learn how to write an irresistible offer that will convert loyal and new customers alike. Plus, we’ll show you how to build an email sequence that will act like your automatic sales machine.

  • Week 5: We LAUNCH IT!

    This is where we blast off and send your offer out into the universe! You might have butterflies or feel excitified (excited + terrified) but you’ll have a group of supportive peers cheering you on. This is going to be the week where the rubber meets the road, and you have some major traction forward. Super exciting!

  • Week 6: Reels & Tiktok

    You might be thinking WTF, isn’t TikTok for kids? Do I really need to learn this? Yes, yes you do. As ALL social media is leaning towards video, it’s something that you can’t overlook if you don’t want to be left behind. Luckily Ida is a rockstar when it comes to this arena, so you’ll be learning for the best!

  • Week 7: Ads, Influencers & Collaborations

    Once your offer is out in the world, it’s time to promote the sh*t out of it! One of the most effective ways to do this is through paid social media ads. Learn the best strategy so you get the highest ROI. We’ll also share the best way to work with influencers and collaborate with other brands.

  • Week 8: Celebration!

    You worked hard and now it’s time to let loose and have a bit of fun! You’ll be sharing your wins with the group so we can celebrate together. This will be a beautiful ceremony that will warm your heart for years to come.

Are you ready to Launch Online and have your best season yet?

Schedule of Launch It Online:

Monday Morning Lesson:

Each week we’ll meet as a group on Zoom from 10am-noon PST for our Monday lesson. These sessions will be taught by Jenna, Ida and Diana. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share your progress. These sessions will be recorded and added to the portal.
  • Accountability Groups:

    You'll be assigned to an accountability group that will meet with each week on a day/time that’s most convenient for you. This will be an hour for you to check in with the group and make sure you’re on track.

  • Launch It Slack Channel:

    We’ll be setting up a Slack channel where you can ask questions, share wins and anything else. Jenna, Ida and Diana will also be jumping in each week to offer assistance.

  • Guest Mentor Bonus Session:

    We’ll be bringing in industry experts who will be teaching anything from PR, speaking on camera and how to sell more effectively. These sessions will be recorded so you can watch them at a later date.

Are you ready to LAUNCH IT ONLINE?

What are you waiting for?

Meet Your Instructors

Jenna Herbut - Jenna is the founder of the Make It Show and will be sharing her wisdom around writing copy that converts, working with press/influencers and how to generate TONS of buzz online. Basically her secret sauce for how she brings so many people out to Make It! She will also teach you how to develop a success mindset so you can overcome adversity and resistance... because it will show up.


Ida Adamowicz-  Ida is a rockstar when it comes to all things reels, digital marketing and content creation. Her background is photography and video and loves sharing her knowledge. She teaches in a way that's easy to understand so you can apply everything to your biz with ease. 

Diana Luong-  Diana is a Co Founder of Craftedvan, and the Creative behind Make it Show.  Diana grew Craftedvan's online presence to over 23K followers on Instagram and over 40k sales on Etsy through an authentic, quirky and collaborative personality that connects and creates loyal customers. 

The experience will be positive, inspiring and fun

Our intention is to teach you how to plan, build and launch a marketing campaign right in time for the lucrative holiday season. Instead of teaching you everything, we’re only going to share what you absolutely need to know. That’s right, quick n’ dirty style! Keeping it simple and easy to implement is our biggest goal. Plus you’ll have a community of like minded Launch It Online peers who will become your learning community. Together you’ll navigate the process of overcoming uncertainty and obstacles as well as celebrating each other's wins.

By joining the course we will feature you to our community.

When you’re part of the Launch It Online community, you’ll also be featured on @makeitshow social media. Since we don’t have events happening this year, our focus will be on showcasing and promoting the students enrolled in Launch It Online. IG: 29.5K FB: 24K

We want you to succeed, so

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But you can DO this. Really you can.

Even if you have a biz that has pretty much been dependent on craft fairs and events to sell your product, it’s not too late to shift your focus online. We don’t know what the future holds, so instead of being at the mercy of factors that we can’t control, let’s take action on what we CAN change.

So what are you waiting for

Sign up for this amazing opportunity before its too late.


  • What if this course isn't right for me?

    This course's live week-by-week format allows us to adapt to your needs and feedback to provide you with knowledge and skills that are applicable to you and your business.

  • How long do I have access to Launch it Online?

    You will have one year's access to this course and all the recordings of the videos, worksheets and everything else.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    If you’re not completely satisfied with Launch It Online after the course is completed we’ll refund your investments. Proof of homework must be submitted.

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